Welcome to Commandos Legion

For us, its not just business.

Its all personal

We are an organization with expertise in training for human performance. Through Ironman certification, our commander coach still has 6 years of academic history through his bachelor training in physical education and post graduate degree in sports training.
For the formation of our commandos legion, our athletes feel identified by the symbolism of our insignia represented by the Jaguar And from there, half the work is ready. Because it’s sure that we will find strong warriors to challenge their limits.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Rui Melo (VIPER)

    Rui Melo (VIPER)

    Quando iniciei os treinamentos com o treinador Joel, meus amigos me falaram que eu havia encontrando uma pessoa tão louca e desafiadora quanto eu. – Rui Melo See Rui Story
  • Lucas Tomasi

    Lucas Tomasi

    “Training with Joel our Iron Coach, is to propose something unlikely, prepare for an Ultra 82km, in three months, and the guy find you crazy, but not hesitating at no time in giving the best to you achieve your goal.” – Lucas Tomasi – (Businessman) See Lucas Story
  • André Guimarães

    André Guimarães

    Early on, I could see the difference from a really personalized workout. Total Motivation! Despite the physical distance, Joel was always very present with constant attention, instructive videos, etc. It felt like we were side by side. In fact it is what has happened! -André- (Engineer) See Andre Story
  • Cesar Alfaro

    Cesar Alfaro

    It’s difficult to start an intensive workout program after being sedentary for many years. Coach Joel made it easier with a very personalized approach, motivation and constant feedback. -Cesar Alfaro- (Company director)
  • Gizeli Zilli

    Gizeli Zilli

    “When I sought the advice Commandos, almost two years, I wanted to complete a proof of 15k feeling good. And in June this year, I completed my first marathon, with a time of 03:30!” – Gizeli Zilli – (Employer) See Gizeli Story
  • Giselle Loncoman

    Giselle Loncoman

    “Today I consider myself a triathlete that I am, for having found the right coach, the dedicated professional, the one who does not send a sheet just like another, the one that lifts you when you are about to fall, that encourages when you think that you have nothing more to give and make you get the best of you. This is my Coach Joel Arante de Bem Junior.” -Giselle Loncoman- ( triathlete, professional lifeguard and wife of our coach Commandos) See Giselle Story
  • Marlon Marques

    Marlon Marques

    “I am very grateful to Joel for helping me keep the sport in my life, providing health and well-being permanent..” – Marlon Marques- (Doctor Radiologist) See Marlon Story
  • Patita


    “My owners are the founders of Team Commandos! They are INSANE!! But i’m pretty radical too…” – Patita – (Daschund athlete) See Patita Story
  • Rafael Damiani

    Rafael Damiani

    “Joel changed my life 100%.” – Rafael Damiani – (Businessman) See Rafael Story
  • Juliano Freitas

    Juliano Freitas

    “In the midst of so many options offered by Iron Coach Match, I have no doubt you have made the best choice.” – Juliano Freitas – (Engineer) See Juliano Story
  • Julliano Basso

    Julliano Basso

    When I thought running was to put on a tennis shoe and hurry up, coach Joel was rigid in cadence, posture, footwork, and muscle balance. All this changed my body for the better, just as it left the sporting practice more pleasurable! – Julliano Basso- (Doctor anesthetist)
One of our strengths is mental toughness. Reconciling constant challenges to training is what sets athletes apart from the commandos legion, as we can bring your mental preparation closer to your physical capacity.
If you are still looking for something that completes your ambition with the sport you like, see what we can offer you. We are the most comprehensive online tracking program ever. And ideal for those who need to reconcile their work with their sporting activity.